Writing Meaningful Content
  • Keep your audience in mind at all times. Is your web content aimed at educators, staff, parents or students? Review and revise your content accordingly and make sure that the content you post is relevant to your audience otherwise delete.

  • Content should anticipate questions and answer them.

  • Inverted pyramid style, put the most important point or the conclusion at the top, and supporting information on below. Many people will only spend a few seconds on your page. 

  • Frontload Content by starting headlines, paragraphs and links with significant words. The first words then communicate the subject of the headline, paragraph or link.

  • One idea per paragraph (users will skip over any additional ideas if they are not caught by the first few words in the paragraph)

  • Concise Content: shorter sentences, words and paragraphs; use half the word count (or less) than conventional writing

  • Use simple words and plain language; avoid jargon